Custom Figurines

Have you always wanted to have yourself on your own layout? We can help with that! Thanks to our short lines of communication with excellent designers, we can design figures for you at a very affordable rate, exactly the way you want them.

The figures must have about the same outfit, but can have different accessories, poses and headgear. As an example you can look at the image below, where you see 6 firefighters that we had made for a customer. They are all 6 firefighters in similar suits, but they are holding different tools and doing different things. These things are completely determined by the customer.

For € 100 we design 6 figures for you. This is a very affordable price, as making these figures takes many hours of work. For this price you will get 1 set sent to your home for free. What the figures are is up to you, they may be soldiers but also, for example, NS employees or cleaners. We will then offer these figures on our website so that you can always get more. The printed figures are of very high quality.


Picture Gallery



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